It’s In Our Hands

 RH = Right Hand, LH = Left Hand and BH – Both Hands

NB: Movement begins, exactly, on the highlighted word.


Everyone should STOP  – (LH up in a ‘stop’ gesture – Hold) and LOOK  – (RH above eyes as if trying to see in the distance – Hold).

It’s not a picture in a BOOK  – (Hands held like a book)

It’s ALL around us every day  – (Arms by sides to sides, palms facing outwards – Hold)

Part of our lives in every way

CHEWING gum on – (RH held up as is displaying a piece of gum) EVERY street  –  (Drop imaginary gum)

LITTER scattered at our feet  – (BH to sides with palms facing outwards  – Hold)

BAGS  – (RH clasped by LH) of RUBBISH  everywhere  – (Clasped hands thrown over right shoulder, as if holding a sack – Hold)

BROKEN things dumped  – (BH ‘break’ imaginary item in two – Hold)  HERE(LH to side, palm facing outwards) and THERE  – (RH to side, palm facing outwards).


IN our –  (LH in front of you with palm facing upwards – Hold)  HANDS  it’s in our hands –  (Similarly with RH parallel to LH – Hold)

IN our  – (Join hands with person on either side of you. Hold until the final ‘hands’ is sung.) 


It’s in our hands

It’s in our HANDS  (Join hands with the person on either side of you – Hold)

It’s in our HANDS (Joined hands are raised upwards – Hold)

It’s IN (While still raised, release hands and move arms to the left) OUR (Similarly, move arms to the right) HANDS (Bring arms directly overhead and shake hands about)