Mean Green Anti-­Litter Machines

RH = Right Hand, LH = Left Hand and BH = Both Hands

NB: Movement begins, exactly, on the highlighted word

Verse 1

Are you a LITTER Lout? – (Point at the audience with RH – Hold)

Do you not CARE – (Cross BH across chest, LH over RH –  Hold)

Do you just throw your rubbish ALL around everywhere? – (Hands to sides, palms facing outwards – Hold)

Can you not SEE the mess – (RH above eyes, LH by side – Hold)

You leave beHIND – (RH sweeps forward and out to the right – Hold)

Just ends up costing ME – (BH point to chest)

And YOU in the end – (BH point at the audience – Relax)

Verse 2

Don’t be a Litter Lout.

You’ve got to CARE – (Cross BH across chest, with LH over RH – hold)

It’s wrong to throw your rubbish ALL around everywhere – (Hands to sides, palms facing outwards – Relax)

The mess you leave behind for all to SEE(RH above eyes – Hold)

Is not a PRETTY sight and never can be. – (RH to side again)


(Line 3)
You’ve got to CARE(RH points at the audience)