The Pack

The Environment the Musical pack

Fun and effective environmental education through music

What’s in the pack

Aimed particularly at the non-specialist, the pack contains:

  • A Songs CD (Recordings of the songs).
  • A Teaching Resource CD (Makes teaching the songs easy for everyone).
  • A Concert Performance CD (Backing tracks of the songs).
  • A Musical Performance CD (Incidental music and backing tracks).
  • The Music Sheets (Piano accompaniment for each song, available as downloadable PDFs only).
  • Songs - Click To Listen
  • A Resource Booklet with Song Lyrics (Contains practical advice for using the resource). Take a peek inside the booklets.
  • The Script (Includes cast list, staging suggestions and ideas for costumes and props).

Who it’s for

  • Schools looking for a fun and effective way to deliver basic environmental education through music.
  • Organisations seeking to raise public awareness about littering, dog fouling and waste.


Take a peek inside

Take a peek inside the booklets that come with the Environment the Musical pack.

The expandable cast list provides roles for 40 children and parts can easily be doubled-up for smaller groups. In preparation for their show the cast will learn about personal responsibility for caring for the environment, in a fun and effective manner.

With the eight catchy songs and a fast-moving storyline, the audience will be given lots of food for thought while being entertained.

The Environment the Musical DIY Pack makes the musical accessible to everyone. You do not have to be able to sing in order to teach the songs!

The Storyline

When a group of young people observe their neighbourhood through the eyes of tourists, they are greatly embarrassed by the mess they see. Their friends from Greenway help them restore 'Messview Park' back to Millview Park. Tidy Towns volunteers also lend a hand and everyone learns about the problems with litter, dog fouling and fly-tipping. Recycling is explained and the friends decide to host a fashion show where everyone models ‘trash’ clothes and accessories.

Approximate running time 40 minutes.