Fashion scene costumes

When creating homemade costumes for the fashion scene in Environment the Musical, bear in mind that the aims of this scene are to encourage the children to be creative, and to demonstrate for the audience how lots of things can be reused and up-cycled.  Lots of ordinary stuff, which most households throw out or recycle, can be used to create fun costumes and accessories.

We made the pieces below using bottle caps and the colourful plastic nets which often come with fruit or vegetables. You could use both of these materials in multiple ways to create unique items of clothing for the fashion scene. Remember that there will be a bit of movement required during this scene so practicality and simplicity are important!

Look around your classroom or home to see what you could re-purpose or up-cycle. Children love seeing things used in unusual ways so brainstorming how to create their homemade costumes will bring out their creative sides. They’ll enjoy having an input into the production and it’s a great opportunity for kids to try something new.

You might find come cool ideas here-