Environment the Musical

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Environment the Musical is more than just a musical. It's an innovative music resource that you will use all year round in the classroom.

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What is Environment the Musical?

A quick overview of the Environment the Musical resource pack in less than 60 seconds!

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Environment the Musical is the classroom resource that gives teachers the opportunity to use music and drama as a fun and effective means for teaching environmental awareness.


The Environment the Musical pack includes 8 catchy songs, quality backing tracks, incidental music, licence for non-commercial productions, expandable cast list, adaptable scenes for short plays plus song sheets, as downloadable PDFs.

Children performing a scenes from Environment the Musical during Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co. Co.'s 2017 Picnic in the Park.

Covering the topical issues of litter, waste, dog fouling and personal responsibility for caring for your neighbourhood, Environment the Musical complements the work of Tidy Towns and Green Schools.

The pack includes

  • A SONGS CD with recordings by professional singers.
  • A TEACHING RESOURCE CD containing song recordings, melody only tracks, song backing tracks and optional harmony tracks. This CD makes teaching the songs easy, expecially for the non-specialists.
  • A CONCERT PERFORMANCE CD with quality song backing tracks.
  • A MUSICAL PERFORMANCE CD with song backing tracks and incidental music, for a full musical production.
  • A RESOURCE BOOKLET containing song lyrics and lots of tips and advice on using the resource for optimum effect.
  • The SCRIPT complete with cast list, staging suggestions and ideas for costumes and props. Several scenes can be adapted for short plays, each with an accompanying song.
  • FREE SONG SHEETS as PDF downloads and, finally,
  • FREE LICENCE for photocopying and non-commercial performances of the show.

The songs

The song arrangements are easy and the non-specialists will find the TEACHING RESOURCE CD a great help for teaching the melodies.

The Storyline

Sad Earth 2018

Observing their neighbourhood through the eyes of tourists, a group of young friends are greatly embarrassed by the mess they see. With the help of community volunteers from Greenway, they help restore 'Messview Park' to Millview Park.


While cleaning up Millview Park everyone learns about reducing waste and recycling. This inspires them to organise a fashion show, where everyone models items made from rubbish!

DLR Picnic in the Park performance of Environment the Musical 2017 - Copy

Environment the Musical is entertaining yet thought-provoking. Suitable for everyone over 8 years (even adults!).
Approximate running time 40 minutes.