Environment the Musical Pack


Everything you need in one pack to put on your very own “Environment the Musical” performance.



The pack includes

  • A SONGS CD with recordings by professional singers.
  • A TEACHING RESOURCE CD containing song recordings, backing tracks plus optional harmony tracks. This cd makes teaching the songs easy, expecially for the non-specialists.
  • A CONCERT PERFORMANCE CD with quality backing tracks.
  • A MUSICAL PERFORMANCE CD with backing tracks and incidental music, for a full musical production.
  • A RESOURCE BOOKLET containing song lyrics and lots of tips and advice on using the resource for optimum effect.
  • The SCRIPT complete with cast list, staging suggestions and ideas for costumes and props. Several scenes can be adapted for short plays, each with an accompanying song.
  • FREE SONG SHEETS as PDF downloads and, finally,
  • FREE LICENCE for non-commercial performances of the show.

Music samples