Synchronised hand actions

In creating Environment the Musical my two main objectives were:

  • To develop a project through which children would learn about topical environmental in a fun, creative and memorable way.
  • To entertain and inspire audiences while also providing performance opportunities for the children.

When working with groups I always strive to be as creative as possible in my approach to teaching. I try and cater for the variety of learning needs and abilities within each group, using whatever means I can to ensure that every child is presented with suitable opportunities for learning. Creating a comfortable learning environment for everyone is more likely to ensure better group participation.  

I find synchronised hand actions can be a fun and effective means for helping to reinforce the learning of song lyrics and can greatly benefit the more academically challenged children, often giving them extra opportunities to shine. From the audience’s perspective synchronised hand actions can help reinforce the messages contained in the songs, while also adding to the visual impact of the performance.

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