Physical and vocal warm-up exercises

Easy singing requires the input of the whole body. Just as athletes do warm-ups before exercising in order to prepare the body and help prevent injury, singers must do the same. It’s not rocket science- it’s just common sense!

Try to devote about 20% of each rehearsal session to physical and vocal warm-ups. This might seem like a chore but if you aim to make it a fun session for the children, you will reap the rewards of this very worthwhile exercise.

The below video will give you lots of exercises you can use with your group. Do three to five repeats of each exercise. Hold stretches for a count of five.

We’ve also put together video of two fun action songs, ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Baby 1, 2, 3  Head and Shoulders’. You can view them below. I find children always enjoy doing these and I love them too. These are the versions I like to do but you will find lots of variations on the Internet.

In an ideal world, all primary schools teachers would begin their working day in the classroom with a little physical exercise and some basic vocal exercises, followed by a little singing.

This could help energise everyone, relax the children and prepare the teacher’s voice for the day ahead. It would also help the children realise that singing can be a natural part of every day.

Can you imagine how a little 15 minute session each morning might encourage more children to participate more readily during the scheduled singing time?