Dog Pooh! remixed on 98FM

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll be no stranger to the Dog Pooh! song from Environment the Musical. It has been used in anti-dog fouling ads both on the radio and in cinemas around Ireland. The message is clear- no one likes dog poo but dog owners need to clean up after their pets. Perhaps you’ve even heard the ads for yourself! Annette wrote the song to make people think about how dog poo can affect other people. It’s harder to be selfish when you consider who or what might end up covered in your dog’s poo!

Your Dog? Your Responsibility! Dog poo campaign sign.Six stations have run the ad:  Radio Nova, Limerick’s Live 95FM, Mid West Radio, KFM in Kildare,  LMFM and Dublin’s 98FM. We’ve had great feedback on the ads and even people who are driven mad by the catchy song agree that it’s hard to get it out of your head. Steven Cooper, a DJ with 98FM, decided to up the ante and remix the Dog Pooh! song earlier this month. Intrigued? You can check it out on his Instagram:

Dog Pooh! has also been used in cinema ads around Ireland. You can read our blogpost about that here:

Annette on the radio

The remix lead to an interview with Annette on 98FM a few days later to chat about what inspired the song, how she feels about dog poo and Environment the Musical. The 98FM team even made a “radio ad” for Environment the Musical using clips from the other songs! You can hear the full interview and the ad here:–Luke-Chat-To-The-Woman-Who-Wrote-The-Dog-Poo-Jingle

Do you prefer the original or the dance remix? Here’s the original full length version. The animation really complements the lyrics as it shows other people who are easily impacted by dog poo, like children on scooters and wheelchair users. No one wants to get dog poo on their hands or have to pay a lot of money to have their wheelchair cleaned.

Are you interested in using Dog Pooh! in your own anti-dog fouling campaign? Please get in touch with Annette at [email protected].

The Environment the Musical pack is designed to educate children about caring for their environment (not just cleaning up after their dog!) and you can find out more about it, including how to buy it, here: