Dog Pooh! remixed on 98FM

Your Dog? Your Responsibility!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll be no stranger to the Dog Pooh! song from Environment the Musical. It has been used in anti-dog fouling ads both on the radio and in cinemas around Ireland. The message is clear- no one likes dog poo but dog owners need to clean up after…

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How Environment the Musical can complement the work of Green-Schools

Environment the Musical Performance

Green-Schools is an environmental management and learning programme for schools in Ireland. It aims to promote long-term, student-led environmental action which involves the wider community. It’s co-ordinated by An Taisce’s Environmental Education Unit. Read on to find out how schools involved in the programme can use The Environment the Musical (ETM) pack. Green-Schools 7 steps…

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Why dog poo is a slippery issue

embarrassed Eco-Riley

It has happened to us all. You’re innocently walking along when you feel that awful squelchy feeling. Maybe a nasty smell hits you at the same time. That’s right. You’ve stepped in dog poo! Unfortunately dog fouling is an issue in lots of towns and cities. Dog poo is a particular problem on beaches as…

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Why an Environmentally-Themed Musical?

The story behind Environment the Musical – catchy songs and a storyline that raises awareness of environmental issues – created by Annette McNelis. Annette describes how Breid Bonner, local second level teacher and founding member of Buncrana’s first local Tidy Towns Committee paid a visit to her primary school in Buncrana and left a lasting legacy.

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