Why dog poo is a slippery issue

It has happened to us all. You’re innocently walking along when you feel that awful squelchy feeling. Maybe a nasty smell hits you at the same time. That’s right. You’ve stepped in dog poo!

Unfortunately dog fouling is an issue in lots of towns and cities. Dog poo is a particular problem on beaches as it can be hard to spot when covered in sand. It’s a smelly substance so lots of dog owners chose not to clean up after their dogs. This leaves other people at risk of more than just getting it on their shoe. Read on to find out more about how it can affect people and feel free to share if you know a dog owner who needs to read this!

Wheelchairs and buggies

If you’ve ever cleaned dog mess off your shoe, you’ll know how unpleasant and time-consuming it can be. It’s usually not recommended to put shoes in the washing machine but sometimes it’s the only way to clean your shoe properly after an encounter with this stinky canine goo. Now can you imagine what a wheelchair user would have to do to clean dog poo off their wheelchair? Sometimes the chair will need to be taken apart to be cleaned properly. Cane users can unknowingly get dog poo on their cane which they then need to fold up and bring with them. Parents with children in buggies will no doubt shudder at the thought of having to fold up a buggy that has run through a pile of poo.

Spreading Disease

Dog poo can be a carrier for a whole host of diseases, including Toxocariasis which can cause partial blindness.  You can read more here [archived post]: http://www.doodycalls.com/resources-toxic-dog-waste/

Children love picking things up when they’re outside – the last thing any parent wants is for their child to pick up smelly dog poo or something that’s covered in it. It’s gross and it’s dangerous.

In our concern about the danger to humans, we often forget that dog poo can also pose a risk to other dogs.

Grass hates dog poo too!

Not only is it bad for humans, dog poo is also bad for grass! Unlike some animal faeces, dog poo is toxic to grass and can lead to burns and stains. This is because dogs eat a lot of protein so unlike our grass-munching cow friends, their excrement does not make good fertiliser. It’s acidic and will make your lawn or the park look bad in no time. If you hear someone say that it’s good for the grass, let them know the truth!

But I hate picking up dog poo…

Let’s face it, getting up close and personal with your pet’s faeces isn’t the most appealing of prospects. However, that’s no excuse for not binning it. We hope we’ve given you plenty of reasons why in this post. Jenn over at Your Dog Advisor has put together a blog post all about the best pooper scoopers she’s tried.  Her goal? To help you find a pooper scooper you’ll actually want to use. Intrigued? Have a read here!

Dog Pooh!

Most people are bothered by irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. Some people are so bothered by dog poo, they are moved to write a song about it! If you happen to know someone who might need to be reminded why it’s so important to pick up the poop, why not share this video with them? Their dog might even like it too!