Make your own instruments: key jingles

You can make your own instruments using items you probably have at home. Here we show you how we make key jingles. They’re a great way to upcycle some of the spare keys you undoubtedly have lying around!

Keys and plastic lids to make instrumentsYou will need

  • -An even number of old keys. Yale-type keys are ideal.
  • -Circular plastic lids- e.g. from tins of coffee or cocoa, tubs of cornflour or even Pringles tubes
  • -Drill* or hole punch (*If using a drill, use a piece of scrap wood to protect your worktop surface)
  • -Thick elastics

Homemade instrument- key jinglesMethod

-Divide the number of keys by two to determine how many holes you need to make in each lid. Use a marker to mark where you want to create them. The instrument featured on the right has 6 holes = 12 keys.

-Create the holes carefully using the drill or punch. If using a drill, place your lid on a piece of wood. Drill down from the top so any loose plastic is on the underside of the lid.

-Loop an elastic through the hole in each key.

-Thread two elastics through each hole and tie together at the top (two keys per hole).

Key jingles can be used in musical performances and they’re great at Christmastime! Let us know if you decide to make your own instruments and how it goes!