What influences our behaviour around generating and disposing of stuff?

Angel ornament with a blurry Christmas tree in the background

There was much excitement when one of the big discount stores opened recently in my home town. Providing yet another opportunity for some cheap retail therapy, this new outlet offered a bit of excitement for many in the midst of COVID gloom. Others welcomed the chance to hunt for bargains to help stretch their limited…

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Make your own instruments: key jingles

Keys and plastic lids to make instruments

You can make your own instruments using items you probably have at home. Here we show you how we make key jingles. They’re a great way to upcycle some of the spare keys you undoubtedly have lying around! You will need -An even number of old keys. Yale-type keys are ideal. -Circular plastic lids- e.g.…

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A golden opportunity to regain focus

Homemade instrument- key jingles

One of the topics I like to cover in my environmentally-themed music workshops is up-cycling. I talk about the merits of reusing and up-cycling over recycling, then I introduce participants to a range of ‘trash’ musical instruments. In my workshops I usually demonstrate a cuica (Brazilian/Monkey drums), shakers, an ocean box, key jingles and a…

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The Life-changing Magic of Tidying: Book Review

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Spring can feel like the ideal time to declutter and simplify your life and home. Books and blogs suggesting how best to do so have been popular for the last few years. The most famous, Marie Kondo’s The Life-changing Magic of Tidying, has even spawned a TV show. But can a book really inspire you…

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The Enormous Turnip or having an environmentally-friendly Christmas

Cow and turnip

I remember reading the story of The Enormous Turnip to my children when they were small. It’s a Russian tale that has been rewritten and adapted many times over. It’s a lovely, simple story with timeless messages for everyone, not just children. The Story An old man tries in vain to pull an enormous turnip…

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Making Halloween less scary for the environment

Halloween pumpkin

Halloween is here again and with it comes a chance to think twice about the impact we make on the environment. As the shops fill up with decorations, costumes and trick or treat sweets, it’s easy to forgot how much waste is created. Here are a few spooky tips to ensure a more environmentally-friendly Halloween…

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The foolishness of fast fashion


The seasonal wardrobe September heralds the end of summer time in Ireland, and all that entails in terms of sorting out the wardrobe for the onset of autumn and winter. It reminds me of the seasonal clothing collections launched throughout the year by the clothing industry, and the foolishness of fast fashion. I consider fast…

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Environment the Musical goes international

Lighthouse, Ireland

Environment the Musical (ETM) was written and produced in Ireland by Annette McNelis and a team of skilled musicians, singers and artists. Annette took inspiration from her native country and wanted to inspire others to look after the environment and the countryside around them. As a result she decided to develop her own environmental resource.…

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Every little helps!

When you’re busy, stressed or distracted, climate change or the state of the planet can be the last thing on your mind. You might have enough on your plate at this time but it doesn’t take much to make a difference. Need some inspiration? Read on! Earth needs your help so don’t delay, begin today.…

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Environmentally-Themed Music Workshops

My Story: the beginning I’ve been delivering environmentally-themed workshops for several years. Here I cover how I came to use music to spread positive environmental messages as well as what these workshops entail. If you’re interested in workshops for your group or would simply like more information, feel free to contact me on the email…

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