The Place to Be- the meaning behind the lyrics

Bee and flower

The whole idea behind the Environment the Musical project is to reach the wider public with important messages about how we all can help care for our environment. This is achieved through music and drama.  School children learn through preparing for their performance.  The young performers then entertain their audience (family, friends and the wider…

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Five years of Environment the Musical

Clean up after your dog

April 2019 marks five years since the launch of the Environment the Musical pack. To celebrate we thought we’d look back on the last 5 years of spreading environmental messages through song and drama. Dog Pooh! on the radio and big screen In 2017 several Irish local authorities started using a song from ETM, Dog Pooh!,…

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How Environment the Musical complements the work of Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools is an international initiative designed to encourage young people to get involved in protecting the environment. It encompasses both the school and the local community. The Eco-Schools programme operates in 68 countries around the world and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019.  The Environment the Musical (ETM) pack can be used to great effect…

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The confusing case of the compostable cups

Takeaway coffee cup

2018 saw a  lot of discussion around the number of disposable coffee cups that Irish consumers use. It won’t have come as a surprise to most people that the number is on the rise. As more and more coffee shops open around the country, the volume of cups sold and dumped keeps increasing. Care to…

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Positive environmental news, 2018 edition

Bumble bee

Sometimes it can feel as though all of the news we hear about the environment these days is negative. The effects of climate change are more extreme, more species are close to extinction and some of the world’s largest countries are rowing back on environmental commitments. With all of that going on, we’re delighted to…

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What on earth is plogging?

Running at sunset

We first heard the word “plogging” only a few months ago. The concept originated in Sweden in 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018. It comes from the Swedish words “plocka” to pick or scoop combined with the word jogging. It means a combination of jogging and picking up litter i.e. if you spot…

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Dog Pooh! in the cinema

Litter bin

The catchy anti-dog fouling song Dog Pooh! from Environment the Musical has featured on ads run by various Irish radio stations since 2017. The ad features two women comparing their disgusting dog poo experiences. One had her shoes destroyed while the other had her wheel chair ruined. The ad generated a lot of discussion. The ad…

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What we can all learn from Japanese fans at the World Cup

Football fans

One of the good news stories from the 2018 FIFA World Cup is about Japanese football fans cleaning the stadium after matches. The fans come prepared with big bags and when the match ends they clean up after themselves. We saw similar scenes at the last World Cup in Brazil four years ago. Scott McIntyre,…

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60 years of TidyTowns

2018 sees the 60th anniversary of the launch of Ireland’s TidyTowns initiative.  TidyTowns is Ireland’s best known local program dedicated to the environment and sustainability. The competition is organised by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and sponsored by SuperValu. Its aim is to inspire communities to improve their local environment and make them…

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Rubbish might not be rubbish at all!

Compost- from waste to gold

My mother’s motto is ‘waste not, want not’ and my parents wasted little when I was growing up. They either up-cycled or passed stuff on to others rather than treating it as rubbish. Leftover food was always turned into tasty snacks. I learned more about recycling during holidays in England where my aunt and uncle…

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