Dog Pooh! in the cinema

The catchy anti-dog fouling song Dog Pooh! from Environment the Musical has featured on ads run by various Irish radio stations since 2017. The ad features two women comparing their disgusting dog poo experiences. One had her shoes destroyed while the other had her wheel chair ruined. The ad generated a lot of discussion. The ad was even remixed by 98FM which we wrote about here. We’re delighted to announce that Mayo County Council are now using Dog Pooh! in a cinema advert. The campaign is called “I’d clean up after myself if I could”. It emphasises the fact that our pets can’t clean up their mess but we can.

Litter binYou can watch the ad here although we’d recommend that you don’t watch it while eating! As we all know, dog poo is smelly, disgusting and dangerous. Unfortunately a lot of people still don’t do the right thing and clean up after their pets. Mayo County Council is one of thousands of councils worldwide working hard to encourage people to change their ways. Environment the Musical was created specifically to teach environmental messages through song so we’re fully behind the use of Dog Pooh! to support their campaign. We really hope that the paths, parks and beaches of Mayo will be safer and cleaner from now on.

Dog-friendly movie screeningsClean up after your dog

Back in March the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin held several dog-friendly screenings of the Wes Anderson’s latest film, Isle of Dogs. The events were part of the Doggie Do, a yearly canine festival in the city.  The event was a big success with all tickets selling out quickly. Perhaps cinemas will join the increasing number of pubs and cafes that are not billing themselves as dog-friendly. We assume they had a plan in place to deal with dog poo in the cinema! The only mention of dog poo we want in our local cinema is a musical one.

Want to hear the full Dog Pooh! song? Here’s the video which is family-friendly and sure to get the song stuck in your head! If you see the ad running in a cinema in Mayo, please let us know!