Simple swaps to make when you shop


Everyday life is made up of hundreds of little choices and decisions. Nowhere is this more true than when we go shopping. As we become more and more focused on reducing our environmental impact, making the right choice every time can feel overwhelming. We don’t recommend trying to change all your habits and favourite products…

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What we can all learn from Japanese fans at the World Cup

Football fans

One of the good news stories from the 2018 FIFA World Cup is about Japanese football fans cleaning the stadium after matches. The fans come prepared with big bags and when the match ends they clean up after themselves. We saw similar scenes at the last World Cup in Brazil four years ago. Scott McIntyre,…

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60 years of TidyTowns

2018 sees the 60th anniversary of the launch of Ireland’s TidyTowns initiative.  TidyTowns is Ireland’s best known local program dedicated to the environment and sustainability. The competition is organised by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and sponsored by SuperValu. Its aim is to inspire communities to improve their local environment and make them…

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Making a difference to the environment at work

We’ve all seen those, ‘Don’t print this email unless you really need to!” footers in emails, but have you ever stopped to think about how you could be more environmentally-friendly at work? You probably spend up to 40 hours per week there, so there are definitely things that you can do to have less impact…

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Rubbish might not be rubbish at all!

Compost- from waste to gold

My mother’s motto is ‘waste not, want not’ and my parents wasted little when I was growing up. They either up-cycled or passed stuff on to others rather than treating it as rubbish. Leftover food was always turned into tasty snacks. I learned more about recycling during holidays in England where my aunt and uncle…

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New year, new environment hacks

Shampoo bottle

2018 is here and we decided to wrack our brains to come up with 3 new environmental hacks you might not have thought of. Life is full of small changes we can make to lessen our impact on the Earth. Do you already do these? Let us know if you have more suggestions that aren’t…

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Have yourself an environmentally-friendly little Christmas

Christmas gift bag

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also the most wasteful. Most presents are wrapped and most toys come in elaborate packaging- the mountain of rubbish created is hard to fathom! As with all times of the year, though, each one of us can change our habits to more environmentally-conscious…

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Cut the plastic, save the whales

If you’ve been watching the BBC’s wonderful series The Blue Planet II, you’ve no doubt been shocked to see what plastics in our ocean can do to marine life. In this clip, a female pilot whale clings to her dead calf for days, reluctant to let it go. Chemicals released while plastics break down can…

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On dating and dumping

Discarded can

Before you wonder if you’ve wandered onto the wrong blog, yes this is a post about dating! But it’s also about the environment. If you’re wondering how the two are related, we have one word for you: deal-breaker! Dating deal-breakers We’ve all got things we look for in a potential love interest. Maybe you’d prefer…

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Dog poop protest and Dog Pooh! on the radio

Golden Gate Bridge

Dog poop is in the news and on the airwaves once again. Unfortunately it’s an issue that never seems to go away, despite local authorities’ efforts. Every year lots of money is spent on encouraging people to clean up after their pets. Even though dog mess is something that disgusts us all, it remains a…

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