Dog poop protest and Dog Pooh! on the radio

Dog poop is in the news and on the airwaves once again. Unfortunately it’s an issue that never seems to go away, despite local authorities’ efforts. Every year lots of money is spent on encouraging people to clean up after their pets. Even though dog mess is something that disgusts us all, it remains a problem. It’s so gross, in fact, that it was in the news this summer for an unusual reason.

Dog Poop Protest

Golden Gate BridgePet owners in San Francisco decided to take matters into their own hands when a controversial event was planned for a local park. A Facebook event was created which encouraged dog owners to have their animals leave their mess on Crissy Field the day before the event. They planned to clean it after the event had ended. In the end the event was cancelled and so was the poop protest.

Whether you agree with the idea or not, you can’t deny that no one likes the idea of a park full of dog poo. Dog poo is both smelly and dangerous- you can read more about the dangers in our blog post Why dog poo is a slippery issue. We hope that all the people who planned to attend normally clean up after their dogs!

Dog Pooh! on the Radio

embarrassed Eco-Riley

We’re delighted that one of the songs from Environment the Musical, Dog Pooh!, is featuring in several local authority anti-dog fouling radio ads. The concept behind the ads is to remind dog owners about the potential impact of not cleaning up after their pet. Wheelchair users are particularly inconvenienced by dog mess and this is highlighted in the dialogue. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s ad has been playing on Ireland’s Radio Nova throughout July and August. It has also been playing in cinemas in Dublin. You can read about the campaign here:

The response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. Dog Pooh! was written to be catchy and easy to sing and listeners have said it has gotten stuck in their head! The ad might conjure up some disgusting images but it’s important to drive home the message that it’s not ok to be an irresponsible dog owner. We hope that the ad will inspire people to change their ways, avoid a €150 fine and bin the poo!